• ROMRADIATOARE S.A. - Over 90 years of industrial experience

Design products and prototypes

Based on thorough knowledge and experience in the field of heat exchange ROMRADIATOARE S.A. is the ideal partner for manufacturers and users of automotive, ship, railway, industrial, power generators, construction equipment, etc.

Three-dimensional design software, product modeling, performance simulation, subscription with latest updates.

Post-processing software MU CNC

Dedicated software for sizing and evaluating the technical performance of the designed products

Support / platform, portability for welded parts and subassemblies, post-punching press – laser – bending press

CNC programming software

Our specialists are always ready to analyze and recommend the most effective solutions for improving or improving the performance of your products and equipment.

The state-of-the-art technologies used by our team of designers allow designing and validating product design before developing the physical prototype, thus increasing the precision and efficiency of development processes – from the preliminary design stage to the zero series production.