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ROMRADIATOARE SA has a tradition of over 60 years in designing, manufacturing and marketing heat exchangers for vehicles, both for first endowment and as spare parts.

Our products cover a wide range of applications: cars, industrial vehicles, tractors, agricultural and forestry equipment, construction equipment, locomotives, military vehicles, and many more.

Romradiatoare supplies major OEMs and other technology-savvy clients, leveraging on its proven R&D capabilities, technological know-how and flexible production lines – which can accommodate production of complex, integrated cooling systems and metal structures, at competitive costs and short lead times.

Focus on small and medium-sized specialized projectsINDUSTRIES WE SERVE

Romradiatoare focus on small and medium-sized specialized projects in the fields of vehicle, industrial, power generation, railway, marine, extractive and defense industries, among other applications. The broad portfolio of constructive solutions and materials used, allow the fulfillment of even the most demanding requirements.

We focus on QUALITY as a supreme goal and as a means towards excellent performance. Our commitment to quality includes every aspect of customer interaction, from design, order, production to after-sales service, the present QM system being certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 by DQS.

Romradiatoare is committed to protecting the environment, the management constantly ensuring that all production processes generate minimum waste and utilize every recycling opportunity possible, in order to meet both economical and environmental objectives, in line with the ISO 14001: 2015 certification.

Romradiatoare  has implemented and maintains an occupational helth and safety management system which fulfild the requirements of the reference standard ISO 45001.

Romradiatoare fulfils the comprehensive quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials according to EN ISO 3834-2. Romradiatoare is qualified to perform welding work within the range of certification level CL1 according to EN 15085-2, for new build, conversion and repair of railway vehicles and their components.

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Capabilities, experience & expertiseRomradiatoare have:

Tehnological capabilities for developing complex projects

Extensive product design experience

Flexible production technology: multiple constructive solutions

ERP/EDI Systems

Focus on small and medium-sized series

Strong innovation capabilities